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Punishing Criminals and Backing the Blue:
  • Fought the invasion of drugs in our community by increasing penalties on fentanyl drug dealers and increasing drug education & prevention programs

  • Secured $6 million for a new Oxford Police Station 

  • Secured funding for a sheriff’s substation in Harmontown 

  • Supported officer pay raises for the Highway Patrol and Sheriffs 

  • Increased penalties on shoplifters, carjackers, human traffickers, rapists, and other criminals 

  • Fought to eliminate the backlog of rape kit testing 

  • Secured funding for a North Mississippi Medical Examiner’s office to be located in Lafayette County

Nicole will continue to prioritize public safety, crack down on criminals, and support our brave law enforcement officers.


Protecting Our Family Values: 
  • Authored legislation that protects our children from harmful adult content on the internet

  • Authored the Vulnerable Adult Registry Act to help protect our loved ones from abusers

  • Chaired the Senate’s work on Women, Children, and Families, passing sweeping reforms for adoption, foster care, and women’s health care

  • Named a “Champion for Children” for child and maternity legislation

  • Upheld the integrity of Women's sports through upholding Title IX principles

Nicole will always uphold and defend our family values, ensuring that they are protected for generations to come.


Advancing Education:
  • Supported the enactment of the largest teacher pay raise in state history

  • Grew fourth grade reading and math above the national average

  • Developed school facility improvement loans for districts

  • Revamped dyslexia support laws

  • Procured funding for a state-of-the-art Early Childhood Learning Center and Training Center at the University of Mississippi

  • Championed the creation of the Early Intervention Task Force 

  • Supported enhanced funding and the expansion of Early Learning Programs

  • Secured funding for the University of Mississippi's Declaration of Independence Center

  • Providing funding for the Nursing and Accounting Schools at the University of Mississippi

Nicole believes that quality education and schools are vital to our future economic success.


Securing Election Integrity:
  • Passed measures to prohibit candidate names from being on ballot that have not turned in campaign finance reports

  • Required election audits of all counties at least every 4 years and requires voting roll purging

  • Passed measures to stop ballot-harvesting

  • Prohibits private donations to fund election related expenses

Nicole will continue to push for the voices of the people of District 9 and Mississippi to be heard through safeguarding the integrity and freedom of our elections.


Investing In Infrastructure: 
  • Secured a $15 million Trust Fund to begin the process of four-laning MS Highway 7 

  • Delivered over $35 million in total infrastructure dollars to Lafayette and Panola Counties

  • Expanded rural broadband, giving more Mississippians access to high-speed internet

  • Supported water and infrastructure grants for local governments and rural water associations

  • Procured funding to improve the Panola County Airport 

Nicole will continue to fight for safe roads and bridges carrying our families and for the businesses bringing jobs to our communities.


Strengthened Economic Development: 
  • Funded Career Tech programs at Oxford and Lafayette Schools to advance workforce development

  • Decreased regulatory expenses and taxes for small businesses 

  • Procured funding for the Panola Concourse to develop workforce training programs

  • Championed tourism development programs

  • Named Small Business Legislator of the year for work with small businesses and their employees 

  • Secured funding for new high-paying workforce training programs 

  • Passed child care tax credits for businesses helping employees with child care

Nicole will continue to ensure we enact pro-business, workforce development, and job creation policies to guarantee a prosperous future for our state and its hardworking residents. 


Practicing Fiscal Conservatism to Keep Money in Your Family’s Pocket:
  • Passed the largest tax cut in Mississippi history – $525 million will stay in taxpayers’ pockets

  • Reduced the size of government and the state debt

  • Required greater transparency and reporting in state appropriations

  • Upheld the commitments made to our retirees in the PERS system

  • Fought for greater government transparency

Nicole will continue to fight to prioritize responsible spending, allowing you to thrive, invest, and secure a brighter financial future here in District 9 and Mississippi.


Championing Health Care:
  • Authored sweeping telemedicine legislation, mandating insurance providers cover telemedicine services 

  • Fought for the extension of medical care for new mothers

  • Fought insurance companies to ensure families have access to mental health services and for lower drug costs 

  • Passed legislation to help stop insurance companies from unfairly denying needed medical coverage

  • Awarded Health Care Leadership Award from community health centers

Nicole will continue to fight for improved access to quality medical services, lower drug costs, and mental health services for the wellbeing of every individual and family in our great state.

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